"Help us to develop a business-led technology strategy that supports our ambition to be the number one online global fashion retailer for 20 somethings"

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Our client is a global online fashion retailer. Following the delivery of a “Truly Global” business strategy, our client wanted to disrupt and challenge  traditional global hosting and deployment models by developing an infrastructure strategy which allows applications to be hosted much closer to their customers through a “Cloud-first” approach.


The answer

A redefined hosting strategy developed to enable a more global and flexible technology operating model supported by “Cloud-Burst” infrastructure scalability and by a range of geographically dispersed application capabilities, all accompanied by a three-year major change programme.

The outcome

  • Global reach, universal scalability, rapidly repeatable processes, global content and appropriate security.
  • The capacity to drive service quality, deliver the most engaging experience and support cross business selling opportunities through a single view of the customer.
  • The ability to mitigate capital investment decisions and move to an OpEx, asset-less structure.
  • The ability to guide future investment decisions.
  • Highly efficient retailing, with high conversion rates and a world class fulfilment capability.
  • The ability to sell more products and services to clients on a “Truly Global” basis, resulting in a growth in market share.

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