“Help us reimagine how our infrastructure services can be delivered in Europe and Asia. How can we create a differentiated service model while reducing complexity, cutting costs and increasing agility?”

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Our client is the leading global food services company, and long term strategic partner one of the world’s largest fast food retailers. Several years of rapid organic growth had led to the development of separate operational entities across Europe, APMEA and the US. Our client was looking for a way to unify these disparate operations to create greater economies of scale and to transform its in-house and outsourced technology capabilities into a driver of business value and growth.

The answer

A far-reaching sourcing programme designed to leverage the combined scale of our client’s Logistics businesses in Europe and Asia by integrating the two regional operations to create a combined operating model. This integrated model included a closely aligned technology sourcing approach and the creation of a Cloud-first approach and shared centres of excellence in both regions designed to propagate innovation and develop a best practice regional / group ‘umbrella’ governance structure.

The outcome

A unified and differentiated technology operating model, able to:

  • Facilitate the use of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS as appropriate, providing the capacity to assemble future business capabilities from flexible and agile application and technology services.
  • Provision a core set of global logistics solutions that could adapt to regional and local variances in delivery, management and consumption without the need for painful manual workarounds.
  • Enable global reach, increased elasticity, rapid deployment, and highly scalable and customisable application and hosting solutions.
  • Reduce overall Infrastructure spend, freeing resource to support the strategic capability build required within the organisation.

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