"Should we implement full SAP as an ERP solution across all 40 countries in which we operate as recommended by a blue chip consultancy/SAP implementation house?”

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Our client is a leading global food services company and long term strategic partner one of the largest fast food retailers worldwide. Looking to achieve competitive differentiation, our client had recently been advised by a leading Blue Chip organisation to roll out ERP across Europe for an estimated 100 million euros. Given the prohibitive costs and the associated risks F2X were asked to carry out a review and/ or advise on an alternative strategy.

The answer

Identification that differentiation could be achieved through existing technology across all areas except for transactional processes in sales and procurement. F2X worked with our client to design a pilot for this area which, following its success, was followed by a cross-European roll out.

The outcome

  • Immediate process efficiencies in the trial country
  • Low risk implementation into further countries due to proof of delivery
  • Significant cost savings compared to the initial estimate
  • Reduced reliance on legacy systems, resulting in a 40% deduction in legacy footprint
  • A strategy which could be delivered by our client’s internal team, resulting in significant reduction in external consulting costs

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