“Create us a world where people can work wherever, whenever and on whatever device they want -

where the value of CVC’s collective insights can be harnessed and maximised to drive productivity, innovation and business growth work.”

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Our client is one of the world’s largest private equity and advisory firms. With a large mobile workforce operating in diverse sites and locations worldwide, CVC were looking for a way to vastly increase their capability to share, communicate and collaborate on a global scale.

The answer

A unique collaboration strategy, bridging and bringing together existing core technology investment with new capability to provide CVC with a pioneering new access mechanism to corporate resources, which can be consumed both online and offline and through both mobile and traditional office devices.


The outcome

“Always-on” gateway access to information and/or resources – whether through a desktop or through mobile devices, both online or offline – providing CVC employees worldwide with a superior, consistent working experience, whilst at the same time maintaining high levels of IT security through end-to-end central monitoring of user devices and applications.

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