"Help us fulfil our vision of a 'connected organisation', targeting digital inclusion through provision of access, skills, awareness and service alignment to customer needs.

Help us to understand the opportunities that exist to improve IT quality and how we can reconfigure IT and leverage investment to create more value and improved service offerings and business performance.”

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Our client is the leading housing association in London and the South East, providing community development initiatives and more than 21,000 homes. Following the delivery of the corporate strategy, the IT function stated its mission to provide a range of cost-effective, resilient, flexible solutions to achieve the strategic objectives and be able to respond more rapidly to both market and customer needs.


The answer

A strategic review of the IT function and operations followed by the delivery of a Target Operating Model and view of the change, steps and priorities to enable IT to deliver the vision.

The outcome

  • Identification of a series of targeted and specific medium-to-long term recommendations to move the client towards a change delivery model/organisation that will support a more digital business model.
  • Identification of quick wins to provide short-term cost savings and delivery improvements.
  • Guidance on developing the Target Operating Model for the IT function, strategy and functional delivery plans; processes, guidelines and procedures; and technical architecture and operations.

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